Line Up

The artists
of Brass Palmas

This line-up makes hearts leap for joy! Be it party in leather-trousers with LaBrassBanda or the amazing concerts of Skolka, Viera Blech, PS:reloaded, Fättes Blech, DeSchoWieda, D’Hundskrippln, Schnopsidee, Wüdara Musi, VoixxBradler and Oimara. Stay tuned for even more acts!

Entertainment programme

Around the clock.
Around the stage.
Across the world.


Brassmarine Partyboat

Our party boat – Already iconic before leaving the harbour! During listening to live music on board of our boat, you can enjoy and explore the wonderful regions of the island Krk.

Hardfacts: Friday, 29th September 2018, about 2.5 hours time on board. The boat leaves just a few minutes of walking from the Brass Palmas accommodations. We will inform you in time about the exact departure times. Minimum number of participants per trip: 150 persons.

Gesamtspiel at the sea

At the “Woodstock of Blasmusik” we made it already to nearly 10.000 participants. All of them are playing together Blasmusik-classics. Feet in the sand, sea brise in the air, shining sun – Gesamtspiel is going to be legendary!