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Džambo Aguševi Orchestra

Balkan Brass from North Macedonia: now that’s exciting! Džambo Agušev, better known as The Funky Tiger, is definitely one of the TOP musical exports of Macedonia. The 31-year-old trumpeter and band leader has made the leap from small country town to stages around the world. Born into a family of musicians, he began his orchestral career at the age of 11.

While deeply rooted in the brass band sound of the southern Balkans, the young Džambo kept an open ear and listened to music from East and West: jazz and Turkish music, funk and soul, film music and classical music. He used his gypsy heritage as a starting point from which to develop his own, unique trumpeting style and sound and form his orchestra.

Džambo has won every music prize in the Balkan genre and could easily rest on his laurels. But he’s still out for more. He wants to enthuse the European audience. Well, we of the Brass Palmas community are of course first in line to say: Let’s go! Or, as they say in Macedonian: Ајде да одиме!