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When crossing from the mainland, the island of Krk is reminiscent of a barren moonscape, but metre by metre it transforms into the ideal holiday destination. The popular seaside resort of Baška in the southernmost part of the island of Krk is located in a picturesque bay on the 1,800 m long Vela Plaža beach. Many cabin cruisers head to the island for day trips and to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere between the mountainous landscape and the crystal blue waters around the sand and pebble beaches of Baška. Countless restaurants and stands along the beach promenade beckon you to go out for long walks. Sports enthusiasts will find idyllic running trails, mountain paths for hiking and countless cycling routes that criss-cross the island and run along the coast.

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The natural treasure
of the Croation island Krk

The city of Baška is in the most southerly part of the island Krk. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, wine and olive gardens it is the centre of the greater Baška valley. Miles of beaches with the Velebit mountains in the background: The combination of sea and mountains is a true natural spectacle. There is a lot to explore in the region and on the island of Krk.


wandering through the town of baška

Those wanting to get to know the culture and history of Croatia should seek out the hidden cobbled streets of the old town centre and the surrounding villages. Numerous restaurants invite you to revitalise yourself with the four biggest treasures of the region: Olives, wine, figs and fish.

vela plaža

This pretty name belongs to one of the most beautiful Croatian beaches, at the gates of the city of Baška. 1800 metres of sand and pebble beaches, protected by the Velebit mountains. Its incredible beauty is definitely a reason to come to Krk.

hiking, mountain biking, climbing, diving, sailing

If you like sporting activities and are keen on exploring beautiful landscape and seascape, you will not be disappointed. Especially recommended is the Baška - Zarok - Baromalj - Pod Pipica educational trail. For 6 kilometres, the history and culture of the region are shown through monuments and natural spaces.

chapel of saint luzia

In the chapel near Jurandvor, you will find the oldest written monument of Croatian culture from the year 1100: The Baška tablet. Today the original is kept in Zagreb, but a copy of the tablet is still kept at the chapel in commemoration of its discovery there. The tablet has, however, been copied billions of times as it is also the motif on the 100 kuna note.

moon plateau

The Moon Plateau received its name from the extraordinary rock formations. The circular route from Baška to the Moon Plateau is 7.5 kilometres, where you can take in a fascinating view of the surrounding Velibit mountains, the city and the surrounding islands.

baška glogolitic path

It consists of several stone monuments, which can be found at various places in and around the town of Baška. They feature letters in Glagolitsa, the oldest writing of the Slavic peoples, of which locals are very proud.

mala luka

Mala Luka is a wild bay which can be reached via hiking trail or taxi boat. It is picturesquely embedded in a double peninsula that forms the foothills of the mountains of Baška. Ancient traces of the Romans and beautiful photo opportunities are to be found here.